Welcome to The International List of Famous Waldorf Alumni


Why did we create this list? First of all it is very interesting to read such a list. We like to show how former Waldorf and Steiner students have achieved recognition in their home countries or internationally for positive contributions to the arts, science, politics, commerce, industry and other fields. It seems that a diversified and interesting picture will be formed - there are names which really surprise!

Our intention is to act against prejudices that are still present occasionally, which claim, for example, that Waldorf education would not sufficiently prepare its students for the "real challenges of life". Since anthroposophy and Waldorf education are sometimes presented to the public in a rather negative way we think that it is very important to present examples showing that the positive influence of people who attended a Waldorf or Steiner school should not be considered as less significant than that of personalities without such education.

In this relation it is important to emphasize that this is not a matter of comparison or competition. The aim is to reduce prejudices.

Some Waldorf or Steiner students may have heard comments like the following at least once in their lives: "You attend one of those schools for handicapped children?!";