Welcome to The International List of Famous Waldorf Alumni


In this list Waldorf and Steiner alumni, as well as parents, who are recognized in their home countries or internationally for positive contributions to the arts, science, politics, commerce, industry, and other fields are collected. The authors of this list do not claim to provide a representative picture of careers of Waldorf or Steiner alumni (read more about the motivation behind this list). We are aware of the fact that the extent of positive correlation that exists between "positive contributions" and "fame" depends on several factors, such as the occupational category the listed individuals belong to (for instance, actors - who generally have a stronger media presence than e.g. scientists - may achieve widespread "fame" more easily than the latter group, which in turn does not necessarily imply a greater positive impact on society). For this reason it is not easy to apply a universal set of "qualification criteria". Thus, we reserve the right to decide for or against including names on the list on a case-by-case basis.